We are a team of two breeders (one who is Amish and the other who is "English" (non-Amish)) who love our puppies - and we know you will love them, too! We are aware of the fact that many people think all Amish dog breeders have "puppy mills" to breed puppies. We invite you to come to our farms to see that is NOT the fact at our farms. We take very good care of all of our animals - including our dogs! 

We live in NE Indiana and have wonderful families who raise animals of all types. Of course, we have horses and cows as part of our farm animals, but we also raise the most adorable puppies in area. We hope you enjoy viewing our pets that we are offering to you. They are all kept in immaculately clean environments - never in small kennels - where they can romp and play with each other. And of course, our children have them out in the yard playing with them all the time. You never have to fear about your new "fur"ever friend being well socialized! We definitely have that covered.

Because half of our team is Amish, we ask that you respect our privacy and work through Lisa (the English part of our team) to arrange viewing our pups. She can easily set up opportunities for you to meet any/all of our puppies. She can provide you with additional pictures and tell you about our breeding practices and vet care. Reach out to her anytime at or 480-322-5448 (Lisa used to live in Arizona).

NOTE: At this time, we are only accepting CASH. Sorry, no personal or cashier checks or other electronic payments except for small deposits. We have recently discovered (the hard way) that people can tell PayPal that they never received their dog/puppy - and get their money back - and still have our dog. Until we better understand how to protect ourselves from this happening, we will only be accepting cash payments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.