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My name is Lisa Vinson and I live outside of Auburn, IN. I was born and raised in this area - but spent over 20 years living in Arizona. My family and I moved back to Indiana in 2015 and we started our dog business at that time. We've always owned multiple dogs - but now we have decided we wanted to raised puppies for you!

We have decided to focus on poodles and doodles! We love the doodles because of the ability to bring the various breeds everyone loves (King Charles Cavaliers, Blue Heelers, Yorkies and Maltese) to you with the strength of cross bred poodle genetics!


Then there are our poodles. We bred the very small standards - called Moyen in Europe - and we love them dearly! If you are looking for a very intelligent, loving dog - this is the dog for you!

All of our dogs are genetically tested so that we know what we are bringing to you. All of their testing results are available for you to see - feel free to ask us about it anytime. We also welcome you to come and meet our puppies in person. Our friends come and start interacting with our puppies from the day they are born - we want to make sure your new furry friend is very well socialized. My great-niece's and nephews come and play with them regularly, too, so they have lots of hands-on experience with children of all ages!

Thank you for taking time to learn more about me and my dogs. Feel free to call or text me anytime (my cell number is 480-322-5448). I look forward to helping you find the perfect puppy for you and your family!

NOTE: At this time, we are only accepting CASH. Sorry, no personal or cashier checks or other electronic payments except for small deposits. We have recently discovered (the hard way) that people can tell PayPal that they never received their dog/puppy - and get their money back - and still have our dog. Until we better understand how to protect ourselves from this happening, we will only be accepting cash payments. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

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