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Suzie and Lance's
Medium Sized Cattledoodles

Suzie and Lance have had their first litter of  medium sized, F1b cattledoodles. A cattle doodle is a cross between an Australian cattle dog and a poodle. Suzie is a cattledoodle herself, and Lance is one of our moyen (medium-sized) poodles - so this make the puppies F1b. They will have low to minimal shedding.

They will be in the 25-35 lb range as adults. There are pictures at the bottom of this page from the previous owners of what these pups look like as adults - but with a different dad. All of our pups go home with their first set of puppy shots, dewormed and vet checked. All of my adults are genetically tested (and clear).


Birthday: 3/29/2023

Photos Taken: 4/4/2023

Start Taking Deposits: Wednesday, April 5 @ 12:01 AM

Ready to go home: 5/24/2023

* I am very flexible with deposit amounts. Whatever makes you comfortable is fine with me. I've had people give me $20 up to 1/2 the amount of the puppy. I will accept deposits via Venmo, Zelle, or cash in person. Contact me using button below for more details or you can call/text me at 480.322.5448. I am located in Indiana even though I have a 480 number.


Sire - Not for Sale

Click Here to see Lance's genetic testing



Dam - Not for Sale

Click Here to see Suzie's genetic testing

Previous Cattledoodle Pups and Comments from their New Families

Dixie - cattledoodle.jpg


" I'm positively in love with that little girl. We call her "Hell on Wheels" and she most definitely is. Loves to play, and gets along so well with other dogs. So much so, she prefers to stay and play with them instead of coming to work with me. But loving personality and she is my little snuggler.



"He is truly a great dog. Always happy and listens very well. Potty training seemed to be really easy for him. We are very lucky."

* He does shed some

Rookie- cattledoodle.jpg
Nash- cattledoodle.jpg


"He loves the snow!"


"He can walk, sit, lay down, roll over and somewhat fetch. He did great at potty training. He's so easy to love. Sleeps in our bed throught the night and doesn't want to wake up in the AM.

We are so thankful for him. He and our youngest (daughter) are think as thieves. He's now sleeping in her bed instead of ours. We've said over and over again how thankful we are for him. He's been therapeutic for our daughter. She's wonderful with him. Where our daughter goes, he goes. It's so precious."

[ Nash is a therapy dog for their daughter]

Gibby- cattledoodle.jpg


"Gibby is photgraphed a lot. He's been an absolute blessing. Can't imagine life without him."

He is almost 30 lbs

Rumor Bunting - cattledoodle.JPG
Basil Bunting - cattledoodle.JPG
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