Heidi's Pups
F1 Medium Sized Goldendoodles

Heidi and a  borrowed male golden retriever have give us 6 beautiful F1 (first gen) goldendoodles We are expecting them to be in the 25-35 lb range as adults. They will all have a vet check, first vaccinations, regular deworming, and lots of love given to them before they go home with you!

We are accepting deposits starting 8/5/2022. When you place your deposit with us - you will then go on a "pick" list and we will allow you to chose your puppy when they are 5 weeks old and have a personality! We will pick in the order that deposits are placed. If you do not get the puppy you really wanted, I will refund your deposit. I am not picky about deposit amounts - I've had people give me $20 up to the full amount of the puppy. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine with me.

Birthday: 7/29/2022                                   

Ready to Go Home: 9/23/2022        

Picture Taken: 8/5/2022

    *Individual pictures will be posted soon!

Price: $800

Pick Order:

1. Karen & Mike 

2. Open

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

6. Open

Heidi's Goldendoodles - newborn pictures.jpg