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King Arthur of the Red Barn

"Artie" is such a sweet boy! He produces beautiful pups, too! You won't regret using him to sire some gorgeous pups! We do not allow him to do "live cover"; AI only. We will ship semen at your cost, collected and sent by my vet. That fee is approximately $300 + shipping. They will send you a detailed report of the semen count/viability. If you live close enough to actually use my vet for the AI, costs are more reasonable!

Vet Office: Auburn Hills Animal Hospital

Birthday: 4/21/2019

Fee: I request a $500 deposit that is applicable to final cost. Cost is based upon the number of pups born. Final fee is $200 per pup - due when pups are 8 weeks old.

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Gensol testing for cdpa

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to see Artie's Embark Testing Results

Below are Artie's Paw prints testing results



Color/coat genetics

So you may be asking yourself, why three different genetics tests? Honestly, we sometimes get "short legged" bernedoodle pups from breeding with Artie (King Arthur) and we wanted to know if he carried IVDD/CDDY. Both companies (PawPrints and Embark) say he does not carry for it. So - I cannot explain why this sometimes happens. I think you need to be aware of this if you would like to consider using Artie in your breeding program.

Here are some of Artie's pups:


F1 Mini Bernedoodles

  • Born: 3/8/2020

  • 4 females and 3 males


F1b Mini Bernedoodles

  • Born: 3/25/2020

  • 2 females and 5 males

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